12 Nov 2018

As a REALTOR® in the digital age, it’s in your best interests to use social media to keep your audience actively engaged. Doing so provides you with an additional way to convert users into clients and clients into signed deals, and all you need is a smartphone to get going.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of simple ways for you to optimize your social media presence to draw in more traffic and public interest. Read on for actionable tactics you can implement this week to help you make a more significant impression on your readers and gain more clients.

Use Relevant Hashtags
Hashtags are one of the most important tools at your disposal when it comes to social media. Using them can be as easy as adding the # symbol to the beginning of a term relevant to your business, (#LocalRealtor, for example) to attract users searching for that term. There’s a trick to using hashtags, however, as you don’t want to use too few to make your post ineffective, yet you don’t want to bloat your social content with them as it may look spammy and desperate. Aim to use five or less per post when possible.

Consider what your post is focusing on as well as whose attention you’re trying to get, and don’t be afraid to use hashtags for specific designs and styles. For example, if you have a listing post featuring a room with an open design and white highlights, use #whitedesign or #openconcept as hashtags. This inserts your name into the conversation of people who are passionate about those hashtags and
increases the chance of widening your audience.

Post with a Personality
Nobody wants to spend time on the social media account of someone who they can’t connect with. If your posts sound robotic or don’t actively engage readers, they won’t do as well. This is true for REALTORS® and any other professional trying to maintain an online presence. Users need to feel like there’s someone genuine behind the profile. Use fresh, lively language and try to merge some fun into
your posts — you’ll find that more people will enjoy reading and engaging with them.

Remember that Every Photo Tells a Story
The most effective social media posts include images and/or video clips. While you can easily upload high-quality media, you’re missing out on an opportunity if you don’t relate it to your text and provide some connecting details.

For example, if you post a link to a home for sale and include an image of it. Did you provide information on the property’s history, layout, design, or atmosphere? Be creative with the text and media you use, and don’t forget to apply some storytelling to your posts. A great approach for this is to make the post read like something a family member or friend would enjoy. Give just enough backstory and detail to
entice your audience to make the all-important click through.

Reply to Every Comment When Possible
Whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, the best way to engage with your audience is to interact with them in a professional manner. So, if someone comments in a post that they love a property you shared a link to, take the opportunity to share details about it — you could end up with more social media traffic and even a sale. Negative comments should be treated just as considerately, as nothing will tarnish your reputation more than not addressing them. Work with the user to identify the issue and provide an appropriate answer. Avoid sounding robotic or unsympathetic, but also try to avoid intensifying the situation with a dramatic response. If you are unsure what to do, simply include contact information to help them address their complaint.

Exercise Quality Control
The quality of your social media posts says a lot about how you want to present yourself. Therefore, try to be careful about how and what you post. This includes everything from checking for text errors and optimizing hashtags to including relevant, eye-catching images. If your social media content is concise, clear, and looks professional, your audience will take it more seriously. This could result in more shares, likes, mentions on other websites and accounts, and overall more traffic. You need to stand out from the pack and deliver the best quality possible if you want stronger engagement.

Care About Your Image Clarity and Attention to Detail
Social media users consume visual information and expect it to meet their established standards. If you use images that are blurry, have poor lighting, or don’t meld with the text accompanying them in a post, the audience’s reaction will be lukewarm. Bright, cheerful, and vibrant imagery typically goes over well with users, so those photos of beautiful home interiors from various properties you’ve handled could
come in handy!

Social media is a beast that’s easy enough to tame if you work from the perspective of the audience. If you’re a REALTOR® who wants to gain a stronger foothold in this competitive world and gain more followers (no matter what platform), you need to be willing to be creative and dynamic. It’s also important to be detail-oriented while keeping things clear and concise. In time, you’ll notice greater engagement with your users and more traffic, ultimately leading to more clients down the road.

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