Cleaning and Decluttering Tips for Pros

Cleaning and Decluttering Tips for Pros

  31 Oct 2018

Everyone strives to live a better and an organized life. If your life goal is to have a successful
career, good relationships and overall well-being than all should begin with a clean and
settled place where you are the best version of your own i.e. your home. After all, how can
one have peace in a relationship if the rooms are dirty, sinks are filled with dishes and
hallway is stacked with shoes? How can you sleep comfortably in a cluttered bedroom?
An organized and clean inbox gives you a good feel. Similarly, a neat and organized house
also boost mood and energy levels ultimately making you more productive.

So why when selling your home would you settle for your home to be anything less than
perfectly clean? After all, an organized and clean house is a clean slate, it allows potential
buyers to envision themselves living there, with there things where they would like them. If
your house is filled with overflowing shelves, baskets full of laundry and dirty dishes it can be
incredibly difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living there.

Sandra Pike, of The Pike Group in Halifax, NS says this about having your home clean and organized
when selling it:

You know when you’re selling your car, it’s sexy, it’s waxed, it’s shampooed, it looks
absolutely amazing anytime you go to sell your car. When it comes to your house, it truly is
no different except they are a different priced commodity. And when you go into a house
that’s not staged and that hasn’t been decluttered it really takes away from the buyer’s sense
of what the property could be like for them.

– Sandra Pike, The Pike Group

Below are the tips and strategies revealed by the experts to help you organize and clean
your home in a way that will help you get the best price possible.

Tips For Pros
● Never rush to do all the rooms altogether. Take baby steps and start with one room at a
time. Declutter it first and then clean it. Never leave until it is all cleaned and organized.
● Be more organized, collect all the unwanted stuff in a basket and do that for all rooms.
Once all the stuff is collected sort it out and place them where they actually belong.
● While decluttering have a damp cloth for dusting and cleaning. A vacuum cleaner should
be saved for the final cleaning.
● Reduce the number of unused stuff. Occasionally collect items that are not in your use,
either put it into a trash/recycle or donate it to the charity firms. Less stuff implies less
● Every room should have bins so that the trash is sorted from the start.
● Store off seasonal stuff in one proper place. Meaning all the winter tools and should be
in a set storage place.
● Buy tags or labels so the things are sorted and placed where they belong.
● Use hooks and hanging storage to have more space. Utilized real estate maximum to
have less clutters and cleaner space.

The Kitchen
● Keep all the bills in one spot.
● Clean the top of the fridge with a damp cloth and never put stuff over it.
● Check expiration dates every month.
● Change the cleaning cloth every second week.
● Categories your kitchen drawers.

The Bathroom
● Keep your sink counter clear and put all the face and hair products in the cabinets.
● Clean mirror every day, place towel on the rod and dust-off foot matt regularly.
● Have a laundry basket in the bathroom to keep all the dirty clothes rather than spreading
it on the floor.
The Living Room
● Keep only those magazines that you read and place them under the coffee table.
● Keep throw blankets and pillows in a basket.
● Every time you enjoy a tea or coffee wipe off the table immediately for a clean shiny

● Hang clothes backward and give away or donate all the clothes that are hanged
backward for at least six months.
● Put the storage box in the closet to keep inner wears and accessories.
● Store out of seasonal clothes and shoes in a basket, when required are accessible


– Written by Katelyn Moyle

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