The Importance of Good Photography When Selling a Home

The Importance of Good Photography When Selling a Home

  12 Nov 2018

Real estate these days is highly competitive and selling a home quicker and at the best price requires time, effort and professional skills. The first thing that gains the attention of a potential buyer when searching a home online is its pictures. The old saying still stands true that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, that’s why quality images are of immense importance especially in showcasing your house for sale. It increases the visibility of your property’s advertisement which likewise enhances the opportunity to sell it at the best possible price.

In this fast-paced day and age, digital marketing has overtaken print advertisements and people are making important decisions either through their desktop or their smartphones. Information is readily available at the click of a mouse button and people have no time to read. Instead, a picture described with a caption is enough for a person to get an idea of the property. Increasingly, home buyers now prefer to see their potential new house through a digital image before deciding to visit and in some red hot markets, they’ll rely solely on digital photography to make an offer without even seeing the property in person.

According to Andrew Plank of Pemberton Holmes in Victoria, BC, photography “should tell a story. Poorly lit, cluttered, unprofessional photography tells the wrong one. By putting thought, time and effort into quality visuals, we showcase a home and help it stand out from the crowd.”

Photographs of the home portray the first impression to the potential buyer. Below are some reasons on why you should invest in a real estate photographer for high-quality images of your house to be sold:

● A professional photographer or REALTOR® knows the importance of lighting. Brightly lit, clean, open spaces invite potential buyers unlike dark, cluttered, and confined rooms.
● Professional equipment matters. While cell phone cameras are improving, there’s a reason why professionals carry around DSLR cameras. It results in higher resolution and better looking photos.
● Staging counts. A professional photographer should be able to direct what is working and what isn’t with your home. They won’t do the staging for you but can tell you why dirty dishes and laundry lying around won’t showcase the best results.

Buyers search online by adding filters to their search parameters which can still create hundreds of results. You need expert photography so that your house sticks out from the average cell phone snap. In short, the initial and final decision of a buyer relies on the images that he or she saw. The better the picture, the higher the chance you will attract qualified buyers and improve your chances to lock in the best possible price.


By Katelyn Moyle

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