Why REALTORS® Use Keylo

Why REALTORS® Use Keylo

  23 Oct 2018

Many of our customers are curious about why a real estate agent would work with Keylo. Since we keep answering this question we thought it would be easiest to provide you with some quick answers here, so read on!

Keylo is a great new way for Agents to showcase their skills online and using Keylo marketing, generate business. The world has changed. Consumers now demand more information about the products they buy and the service providers they hire – and this includes agents. Keylo is a way for consumers to find the right agent for their needs, and it’s a way for agents to objectively demonstrate their ability to add value.

Unlike other referral services, Keylo pre-qualifies all of its clients through Keylo Care Champions. Our Champions follow up with each client before providing a referral to ensure they are a serious buyer or seller. This means that agents spend less time following up with dead leads and more time doing what they do best, helping clients buy or sell their house!

Can Realtors Pay to Boost their Ranking with Keylo?

Absolutely not. We promise our clients objectivity in finding them the right match. Realtors can improve their ranking by demonstrating success. Our ranking algorithm also takes into consideration factors such as successfully completing transactions and replying quickly to every lead generated. Overwhelmingly our clients ask for agents who are great communicators. If Keylo refers a client to an agent and they reach out immediately, their rank will improve compared to someone who waits a day. Another easy way for Realtors to improve their rank is to add content to their profile and encourage clients to provide reviews. We work with any brokerage, from national brands to independent agents.

Keylo creates a win-win situation: clients get matched with the right Realtor and Realtors get pre-qualified clients. Even better, Realtors can get free advertising with Keylo once they’ve signed up. Keylo will display their name, photo, biography, and performance statistics at no cost. So how does Keylo make money? Simple: we charge Realtors 25% of their commission if and when a deal is closed with a Keylo client. This means that we earn nothing unless we match a serious buyer or seller with a great agent who can complete the deal. We really want the best agent for our clients because we only get paid if a house is bought or sold!

Keylo is about quality clients and quality Realtors, not quantity. People come to our site specifically because they are looking to work with a top agent. Our team qualifies every client that we refer to our agent partners. Our marketing solutions deliver serious, action-oriented buyers and sellers with a very high close rate.

So there you have it! Real estate agents use Keylo because they get free advertising and pre-qualified clients matched to their skills. If you have more questions reach out to one of our Care Champions at 1-888-334-4294 and we’ll do our best to answer.

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